Love Anyway by Jeremy Courtney
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For all who are displaced. For all who’ve grown weary of the way things are. There is a more beautiful world.


"I read every single word, perched on the edge of my seat... You’ll keep turning the pages as fast as you can."Jen Hatmaker,
New York Times bestselling author of Of Mess And Moxie

"If you don’t want to grow or change, if you like the world the way it is, if you want to remain complacent and unchallenged, don’t read this book."Wm. Paul Young,
New York Times bestselling author of The Shack

"I was transfixed by Jeremy’s writing. This book, this way of life, is a game changer."Propaganda,
hip-hop and spoken word artist

"Jeremy tells stories that are often found only in the movies... I hope every human reads and learns from this book."Heather Avis,
bestselling author of The Lucky Few

"Jeremy Courtney shows us what it means to believe in a better tomorrow and actually build it."Donald Miller,
New York Times bestselling author of Blue Like Jazz

"Love Anyway is raw, honest, wrenching, and beautiful. Jeremy lays it all out there with a story that will rip your heart out and inspire you. This book is a call to put everything on the line."Shane Claiborne,
activist and author of Irresistible Revolution and Beating Guns

"What an extraordinary book... beautifully written, it reignited my heart and my spiritual imagination in so many ways. This is a must-read."Shauna Niequist,
New York Times bestselling author

Jeremy Courtney

A note from

Jeremy Courtney

CEO, Preemptive Love

This is a book about war. Yes, about that kind of war. About dodging airstrikes. Cradling those left for dead. Coming face to face with terrorists. Running for our lives.

I’ve done all of these. But it’s not just the bullets and the bombs that make us run. We’re not just at war with each other. We’re at war with ourselves. We’re running from the way things are.

There is something that matters more than what we’re running from, though. And that’s what we’re running toward. I believe there is a more beautiful world on the other side of war, on the other side of violence, on the other side of all that’s tearing us apart. I’ve seen glimpses of it in some of the most war-torn places on earth. And it’s waiting for you across the battlelines of your own community.

A more beautiful world is out there, and I’d like to show you.