Love Anyway Workshop

Grow your peacemaking skills.

Connect deeper and lean into difference.

Social distancing doesn’t mean we have to be less connected. We can still increase our capacity to care for those that are different than us and love anyway.

Using lessons learned from our peacemaking small groups, Love Anyway Gatherings, we will help you learn how to press into pain, understand your potential implicit bias’, become a better listener of difference and more. Right from the comfort of your home during the quarantine.

If we are going to end war, remake our world and create whole communities, we’re going to need you to bring your whole self to the table….or the screen, for now. Join us as we learn together and connect deeply to those who are different than us. For one hour, once a week for four weeks.

Space is limited. Select a time to meet weekly below!

Love Anyway Workshop Workbook

Engage in the Workshop with our Love Anyway Workbook.

The Love Anyway Workbook provides engaging content, additional self-work activities, and bonus blog posts and videos to help you pursue a peacemaking posture that lasts.

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